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The financial stability app.

Extra money in your account when your pay is low. Intelligent savings when your pay is high. So you can stop stressing about payday, and start getting ahead.

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The Even Average

Get steady income, instantly

Every time you’re paid, Even makes sure you get the same steady amount of money—your Even Average. With your Even Average guaranteed each payday, you'll know ahead of time that your bills are covered.

Find out your Even Average right now

Even uses the history of paychecks deposited into your bank account to calculate your Even Average. You can find out your Even Average right away by downloading the Even app and securely connecting it to your bank account.

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Trust and security

We understand it’s a huge deal to trust Even with your banking information. That’s why we meet or exceed industry standards to keep your money and information secure.

Paycheck Boosts

Get extra money when your pay is low

When your paycheck from work is less than your Even average, Even automatically deposits money into your bank account to make up the difference. It’s called a Paycheck Boost, and it means no more low paychecks.

Pay it back when you can afford to

Even waits till you get a paycheck higher than your average, and then pulls from that extra income to pay itself back. There’s no interest, no fees, and no deadline.

Stay out of debt

Since Even only boosts your low checks up to your average, you’re guaranteed to make enough high checks to pay Even back. If you start making more or less money from work, Even will adjust your average so you’re always getting boosted the right amount.

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How the heck does Even make money doing this?

How Even makes money

Even is free for a month, and then $3/week. We choose to make money from a subscription (instead of charging interest or other hidden fees) because we want to succeed by keeping our customers satisfied — not by keeping them in debt.

Smart Savings

Save money by doing nothing

Each time you get a high paycheck, Even intelligently calculates just the right amount to save from it so you make progress but don't feel pinched. You don't have to do a thing. Of course, you can always choose to save more, less, or none at all.

Keep your savings on track

Even puts the money you choose to save in your Even cushion— a separate FDIC-insured account Even manages for you. Keeping your savings stashed with Even makes it much easier to avoid spending the money until you need it.

Rely on your savings in emergencies

The money saved in your cushion will come in handy for emergencies and other unexpected expenses, keeping you safely out of debt. When something comes up, let Even know and we’ll transfer the money you need straight back to your bank account.

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Are my savings safe with Even?

FDIC Insured

Any money you save with Even is held in an FDIC Insured bank account with one of our several bank partners. Your savings are insured up to $250,000, and you can withdraw them anytime with no penalty.

Easy setup

No application, no credit check.
Just download the app to get started.

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Personal support

Talk to a real, California-based
support person at the tap of a button.

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Serious security

Backed by FDIC insurance. Protected
by the same encryption your bank uses.

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